Grow your own Hydrangea

Have you bought or received a Hy-pe Grow Your Own Hydrangea? Read on to learn more about how to take care of it.

Dear plant enthusiast,

How wonderful that you've purchased or received a Hy-pe Grow Your Own Hydrangea. On this page, you'll find more information on how to plant and care for this Hydrangea effectively. With enough love and attention, this plant will transform into a beautiful Hydrangea with plenty of flowers.

Best of luck with the cultivation, and may you enjoy your Hydrangea immensely.

Colorful regards,

Team Hy-pe



  • Hy-pe Grow Your Own Hydrangea (half-finished plant)
  • A border or pot with a hole in the bottom 
  • Potting soil
  • Watering can with water 
  • Small shovel 


1. Take the Hydrangea out of the packaging
2. Option 1: Do you want to plant the Hydrangea in a pot? Thoroughly moisten the Hydrangea's root ball by pouring water over it. Fill the pot with potting soil and create a hole to place the root ball in. Then, pour some water into the hole. 
Option 2: If you are planting the Hydrangea in a garden border, dig a hole in the ground. Make the hole two to three times larger and deeper than the size of the nursery pot. Fill the hole halfway with potting soil and mix it thoroughly with the native soil by spading, creating a blend of potting soil and the existing ground.
3. Place the half-finished plant in the hole and fill it with potting soil. 
4. Press the soil firmly, allowing the roots to develop properly.


  • Note: if you have planted the young plant directly in the soil and there is a risk of frost, cover the plant with acrylic cloth, which is available at garden centers. If the plant is in a pot, you can move the pot to the shed if frost is expected.
  • Water the Hydrangea lightly twice a week. It's important to keep the Hydrangea's soil consistently moist. If the leaves droop, it's a sign the plant is thirsty. Avoid overwatering, as that can also cause the leaves to droop ;)
  • A Hydrangea prefers a spot in partial shade (a location where the plant receives a maximum of four hours of direct sunlight) or in a place with filtered sunlight, such as under other trees or shrubs.
  • If you want to give the plant an energy boost, feed it once a year. Avoid using synthetic fertilizer pellets; instead, opt for garden peat, Hydrangea soil, or organic fertilizer pellets. These can be obtained from the garden center.
  • Have the flowers faded? We recommend pruning the plant after the Ice Saints period (May). Cut the branches just below the flowers. This will encourage the plant to produce new buds later.



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